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Professional medical accessories manufacturer with 14 years focusing on research and production.


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We Focus on medical accessories research and production.

Medke mainly deal in compatible medical accessories and ESU cables & patient plate using in ICU, operating room , clinic ect. and we also deal in some ventilator comsumables like flow sensor cable , oxygen sensor .

Our main line products are approved with EC certificate, ISO and FDA , widely selling in EU and US market with a good reputation.

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Our Products

Medke® offers a wide selection of Medical Accessories

With more than 14 years of experience in manufacturing medical accessories, we guarantee that every item shipped is error-free and high-quality; moreover, you can find compatible accessories for more than 90% of the brand monitors on the market. Ask us for a quote and we can meet all your medical monitoring accessory purchasing needs.

These include SpO2 accessories, ECG accessories, NIBP/ IBP accessories, Temperature accessories, and Multi-parameter accessories, & more.

Electrodes, Clips, Adaptors, Cables, and EKG Accessories. Easily find your part & verify compatibility.

Our fetal probe are compatible with all major brands: Bionet, Bistos, Comen, Edan, GE Corometrics, Philips, Philips/HP, Sunray, Vconmin and more.

Explore our portfolio of ventilators accessories, and consumables, such as ETCO2 sensor, Oxygen sensor, flow sensor, tubes and filters.

The Electrosurgical (ESU) accessories series contains a wide range of products including ESU Pencil, bipolar cable, grounding pad, bipolar forcep.

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The negotiating process was fastnand easy. The partners are very kind and professional. They lead you through all the process and follow up execution. The product is exeeding our expectations. It is very soft anf high quality of production. All as described no defects whatsoever. I would warmly recommend the seller and the product.

Come from Cyprus


Patient monitoring as the accepted standard in medical care to assess a patient’s physical condition and quickly identify any deterioration so that appropriate care can be specified.

Monitoring solutions that use patient monitors and ECG machines with confidence in capturing SpO2 ECG BP and TEMP of patient vital signs.
Using a medical device continuously record the heartbeat of the fetus and the contractions of the female is the most basic type of fetal monitoring.
Respiratory monitoring used thermistors or thermocouples to measure oral-nasal airflow, as well as the need for end-tidal carbon dioxide(ETCO2) measurement and other ventilator-based monitoring.
During surgical procedures in the operating room, surgeons use electrosurgical units (ESU) to cut and coagulate tissue.

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