OEM Solution


More than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of medical accessories, Medke have the ability to meet the individual requirements of our customers in this field. We will fulfill every customized requirement of our customers with the highest quality standards and the best solutions.


Project display

We offer supports for cables, sensors (including SpO2, TEMP, ETCO2) and spare parts & repair services.

OEM Capability

Our senior engineers specialize in taking a customer's idea from concept and design to perfect execution in production.Our products development, production, quality control and supply chain operations focused on meeting the unique requirements of our customers.


Medke's strong R&D has the experience and understanding to undertake the creative design and quality construction for any solutions you need. Our brilliant design engineers are available for collaboration for custom projects.

Production Quality Control

The most importantly, We guarantee the quality of everything that we provide to our customers.It's allengineered, designed, and brought to life directly on ourfactory floor so that we can oversee the entire process.


With strong R&D capability, We can design and create customized cables and sensors to meet your own requirements of different patient monitors.

Supply Chain

Medke continuously optimizes innovation, risk management, supply and cost control and continuous improvement to maintain the effectiveness of our supply chain management system.

OEM Process

Development and design

Medke provides expert teams in design, engineering, quality, and project management to help you deliver innovative products to the marketplace.

Manufacturing Solutions

Medke's manufacturing facilities and processes are TUV field inspected and ISO 13485 certified, offering a wide range of options to meet your specific requirements and supporting a wide range of high volume or low volume custom product solutions.

Service Assurance

We have formal tracking documentation, revisions and updates to ensure customer authorized change control, allowing for legal compliance for all services.

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